Nginx Log Parser and Log Analyzer

We recently started using Nginx as a front for our app servers.  In order to get a grasp of all the requests being handled by Nginx, we wanted to analyze the nginx access.log.  While a basic editor is good enough to figure out if things are going awry anywhere in the app, the process can become quite time consuming and painful with large log files.   After doing some searches i found  this nice log analyzer GoAccess.

Features of GoAccess

  1.  Request Statistics, Total Requests, Unique visitors etc.
  2.   Files requested percentage
  3.   Different status codes count, 404 count
  4.  Operating Systems and Browsers information only showed UNKNOWN for me.

How to Install and Use

 On Linux based systems you can install it by using apt-get.

     apt-get install goaccess

To analyze the log, just invoke goaccess with the parameter -f  and filename to analyze

      goaccess -f /var/log/nginx/access.log




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